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  • Serendipity Lab.

    Serendipity Lab is an educational and training space to assist individuals with ASD and other cognitive disabilities to live fully integrated and self-directed lives.

    Being autistic means that a person has a special personality, which is their greatest strength. I aim to design ”Serendipity Lab,” not to give people with autism a world, but to create a world with them. An overall atmosphere is formed by applying low saturation colors, so as not to disturb their learning or activities. The key materials create an open and warm environment. This Lab welcomes users of all abilities as they encounter multi-sensory designs, and meet exploratory opportunities for experience, observation, and practice.​​​​​​​
    Sensory Environments Design for Independence: Studio Project at Fashion Institute of Technology
    Schematic Design, Design Development, Design Conception, Visual Presentation, FF&E Selection, 3D modeling
    "Autism Can't Define Me; I Define Autism" by Kerry Mayo
    Massachusetts, Boston

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