• Casa 4 is a videomaking and internet content producer in the city of Porto Velho. Initially conceived as an advertising / digital agency, the brand grew and specialized in production and multimedia content, especially video production, event coverage, advertising videos and even animation.

    The brand today grows in popularity among a young and disruptive audience, often becoming a source of pride for those who hire the services. Casa 4 is now embarking on a process of expansion and growth and this change must also be implicit in the new face and identity of the brand. With a focus on results and a very young methodology, the brand delivers a young vision to a market that is still traditional. 

    Casa 4 is synonymous with inventiveness and creativity. It is a different look that seeks to solve old problems.

    The new brand needed to be organic, changeable, evolutionary and mainly young! At the same time it cannot fail to enchant and transmit authority, security to those who seek it. This mix of creativity, authority and organizational level needs to be present in the brand and in all its contact points.

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