Character Design

  • Character Design based on China Mievill'e book 'UnLunDun'
  • Cryptid character designs
  • Character designs based on some classmates
  • Pepper Chronicles - character studies
  • Character Study 
  • Pepper Chronicles - Demon characters
  • Project Pandora
    Chrom - further character concept studies
    Chrom is based on the shape of the chromosome, and how those chromosomes can go bad making us sick in various ways. 
  • Project Pandora
    Spero - Character concept study
    The hope left over, Spero is a spritely creature who can dispel the small demons from the box.
  • Project Pandora
    Capillus Dentata - character concept study
    A demon embodying the creeping feeling of unease - I find teeth, tangles of hair and house centipedes are all give me the heebie-jeebies - and so the Capillus Dentata was born.
  • Project Pandora
    Morsus - character concept study
    a demon of small pains - stubbing your toe, stepping on a lego brick, getting lemon juice in a paper cut.
  • Project Pandora
    Final character sheet