New York Luxury Hotel | A Sparrow's Flight Wall Art

  • A Sparrow's Flight
    Custom wallpaper for guestrooms in the newly built luxury hotel Renaissance Flushing in Flushing, New York.
    Due to open in June 2021

    A host of sparrows takes flight originating from a single peony.
    Their transformation from the relative safety of the peony to open flight represents the dynamism
    and freedom associated with an individual’s quest for prosperity and independence in the modern cityscape.
    This custom wallpaper design acts as a symbol of the hotel concept
    while bringing in an artistic touch to the refined space.

    Initial concept sketch was done in pen and ink. Final artwork was created in illustrator and printed on canvas textured vinyl.

  • Concept drawing done in pen and ink.
  • Guestroom Renderings belongs to their respective owners.