Marilyn Monroe Candy

  • Being the iconic celebrity that she was, Marilyn Morroe set trends. She was the first of its kind, the embodiment of glamour and charm. We known for her intriguing, vibrant, unique character. 
    I was asked to work directly with the creative team at Authentic Brands Group to concept and produce ideas for their Marilyn Monroe Candies.
    Authentic Brands Gorup (ABG) wanted to introduce and spread the Marilyn Monroe name and brand to a younger audience. They reached out to different industries, creating consumer products from candies to apparel, cosmetics to electronics, and others.
    The idea was to bring to life Marilyn in a colorful, playful, yet clean and iconic way.

  • Packaging Design: Rafael Valente
    Photography: Rafael Vaelnte
    Creative Director: Jim Gibb
    Client: Marilyn Monroe Brand
    Agency: American Brands Group
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