Barrier Beautification "Sight Scene"

  • This is the final design that was chosen by the NYCDOT Urban Art program for their "Barrier Beautification" project. This will be a mural painted on traffic barriers that run along a bike path in the bronx. My design is inspired by many trips on the subway, and pushing through crowds on New York City streets. In using limited color, and simple graphic shapes I tried to capture how we all try to see whats going on around us, and at the same time be seen.
  • The site is located in the Bronx at Bruckner Boulevard, and Bryant Avenue. The design will span across a total of 9 barriers totaling to around 180 feet!
  • Here are the progress shots of all of the stencils that needed to be made to apply the design on to the barriers. The first three images were taken by Roger Huyssen in ImageWorks studios where he had his colleague die-cut the more detailed stencils. Below Below are sheets of oil board cut to create the larger shapes.
  • Here are some progress shots of the painting day and finally....
    The finished product!
  • What a project! I'm so glad that I got to be a part of this. It was many hours of very hard work but totally worth it. A big thanks to the DOT for commisioning my design, New York Cares for providing volunteers to help paint, my professor Dan Shefelman, and most importantly my mom. She was there painting with me all day.