Visual Merchandising/ 3D Branding

  • 1. 3D BRANDING - Hermès 
    The assignment was to develop a three dimensional model of a brand using it's logo. 
    Design intervention: This part of the design process focussed on the real challenge of using the logo for 3D- branding- Using it in such a way the it makes the customer curious and doesn’t give away too much at the same time. Hermes packaging has been very consistent and elegant over a period of time. Using the iconic orange boxes with the black border to support the logo which will be intricately carved would not only intrigue the viewers about what is in the box, but also the logo + the boxes will capture the dual essence of the brand. The 3d- logo created could be used as:
    • An installation
    • A prop for window display
    • A stand-alone display technique.
    • On the facade
  • Mock-ups
  • 2. Interactive Kiosk Design- Tribeca Film Festival
    The kiosk designed for the Tribeca Film Festival, New York by a group of 4 of us takes the shape of a film camera and will provide multi-media resources and various functions for the user.
    The kiosk will include : 
    -A directional map to film locations around the city.
    -Movie previews and show times.
    -Ticket purchase and guided map take away.
    The back of the structure will feature a stationary map to allow users who may be intimidated by the touch screen technology the opportunity to gather information about venue locations.
  • The interactive touch screen will provide users with the ability to gather information by viewing film previews, show times, and purchasing tickets to the event. A promotional video would be played on a loop when the kiosk is not in use by the functional projector built into the camera on top of the structure onto a screen displayed next to the kiosk, to have continuous advertising for the event and gain the interest of people to learn more about it.

    The two film reels featured on the top of the camera structure will also be functional by dispensing informational material. One reel will provide the tickets for the movies purchased. The other reel will print a take away map
    showing the location of where the movie that the tickets were purchased for is being shown.
  • Interactive Screen and Ticket Dispenser
  • Tickets/Map
  • 3. Point of Purchase Display : Chiquita
    The challenge was to create an informative point-of-purchase display for a fruit/vegetable. Chiquita recently rebranded their company and introduced a plethora of cute and colorful icons, each with their own personality. The South American wrestling mask face stood out to us and also reflected the origins of the company, so we took that as inspiration and decided to host a banana wrestling match. All the quirky faces are sitting in the audience together arguing over their favorite banana wrestler, and their comments double as fun facts to draw in and educate the consumer. The bananas are displayed individually in the the center rink. The display will target children and the young at heart. The bright colors and cute, friendly characters will hopefully entice kids who normally do not eat many fruits and veggies. People of all ages can benefit from the fun facts in the speech bubbles. The display will be a counter-top promo- tion at a variety of food supermarkets, such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Wegman’s, Sunac, and high-end delis. Overall, our strategy is to make a fun, energetic point-of-purchase piece to get people excited about buying and eating a Chiquita!