Miscellaneous: Life and Death and other

  • 1. Life and Death
    Depicting the transition from life to death in 10 stages in the form of an accordian book, using thread to express the delicate nature of the topic. The concept has been portrayed using lines made of a single, continuous piece of white thread. The 10 frames/stages could be described as: 
  • 1) New life is created when a baby is born (thread forms the shape of an embryo)
  • 2) The childhood phase, where kids obey their parents and are trained to fulfill their basic needs (smooth, harmonious, repetitive lines)
  • 3) Teenage, the age of rebelling (outrageous zig-zag lines)
  • 4) Pre-adult stage, where there are ups and downs in life but it still goes smooth as one explores ones career and other options by jumping from one loop to the other.
  • 5) Adulthood, when one thinks he is comfortably settled in his own world (bubble) with the universe responding positively (circle depicts bubble).
  • 6) The person starts facing challenges in his career but it still flourishes
  • 7) Marriage- After years, life might feel monotonous, but one likes the stability and a sense of security.
  • 8) Retirement may give one withdrawal symptoms from work, and it may seem like a sudden dive into the unknown, but one soon recovers from this change by engaging oneself in hobbies and exploring the unexplored side of life.
  • 9) Old Age- one feels dependent, needs support from everyone to feel secure.
  • 10) Eventually, life perishes and one dies, but it is not too late before a new life is born, in some part of the world and the cycle goes on!
  • 2. Type Jungle
    A twitter card depicting the lyrics of 'Love Runs Out', to promote a hashtag on twitter
  • 3. Logo Satire
    Mimicking Google's logo, rendered as copy+paste : Command C (copy) + Command V (paste) because Google is widely used by students to copy and paste data for assignments