Costume Design - Chicago

  • Costume Design project for the musical Chicago, presented at the Florida District X Thespian Assessments and awarded a Superior medal. Set in the late 1920s, Chicago combines grit and glitter with a strong current of girl power characteristic of women's rebellion in that decade.
  • For the number "Funny Honey", ambitious leading lady Roxie Hart wears an ankle-length gold satin robe, a pale pink satin corselette, ruffled lace bloomers, and pink satin slippers with Angelina fiber details. The color gold is a common element in "golden child" Roxie's different looks throughout the musical.
  • Matron Mama Morton's first appearance in the show establishes her as the cunning, clever queen of the women's penitentiary. She wears a provocative flapper dress in eggplant satin, based on a modified uniform, paired with an iridescent sequined headband with a purple ostrich feather and jewel. A black boa made of black flannel and Angelina fiber gives a cheeky nod to stereotypical prison escape plans with a dash of glitz.
  • A sly, charismatic lawyer, Billy Flynn claims all he cares about is love (the kind that involves seductresses chanting "We want Billy...", at least)  in his opening number. The silver-tongued Billy wears a black satin taffeta vest with an emerald inverted heart design and diamond buttons, black slacks with matching satin stripes down the sides, a hand-embroidered king of hearts bow tie, black homburg hat, red carnation boutonniere, and black cane with a silver head.
  • In the number "We Both Reached For The Gun", Roxie lets herself be controlled by Billy as a ventriloquist's dummy in front of the court at her trial. She wears a dropped waist pleated gold satin dress and a yellow cloche hat with pheasant and rooster feathers.
  • Following Roxie's announcement of her pregnancy, her husband Amos Hart tries to tell the media that he is the father-to-be but no one listens. Lamenting his invisibility in the number "Mr. Cellophane", Amos wears brown flannel trousers and a tailcoat with silk lapels, a brown silk bowtie, a corduroy vest, and a brown top hat with a silk band. The layered textures in muted browns signify that there is more to dull Amos than meets the eye.