Elephant Drive Iconography & Illustrations

  • Elephant Drive is an oline backup and storage software that when downloaded to your computer serves as a Cloud to keep your files safe and synchronized amongst your devices. 
    I was contacted by the client to illustrate the Download Process and the User Interaction, making it more obvious and user friendly.
    The approach was to create cleaner and more modern graphics, but making it charming and maintaining its friendly character to reach a wide range of consumers.
    We approached this project with the intent to make it extremely clear to the user the steps necessary to install the software and how to use it.
    I was also asked to re-design their logo and corporate identity, and later on to concept and execute their online ads to contribute with their marketing efforts.
  • Download Elephant Drive Software.
  • Set Up your Elephant Drive Cloud.
  • Select a folder location to place the software.
  • Keep an eye on the location of the software on your screen.
  • Compatible with all Browsers.
  • Start Uploading your files from any device.
  • Download your files to any of your devices.
  • Keep all your files Synchronized amongst all your devices..
  • Your devices, your Elephant Drive Cloud.
  • Manage your files.
       Vector Illustrations for Hardware and App Icon.
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