Storyboards for Animation

  • These are the story boards I had the chance to create as part of the work I did for Anemona Studio. I was given examples of the style of work they had used for other boards within this project. I emulated their style to keep the look of their entire body of work consistent. Along with their examples and script their guidance proved to be excellent to get the best results possible. 
  • This frame shows the final corrections to the background and Gory's size.
  • For this concept I had to interpret the original sketch from the third board and match the final three dimensional look of the animation. 
  • The following were concepts created to be used as still photographs in the animation depicting Gory in several areas around the movie theater. 
  •                          SKETCHES                    ILLUSTRATIONS
  • For the next two I had to add a background for Gory.
  • This is a sequence to be used along with the animated Gory.