Accessories - Louis Tomlinson Athletic Footwear

  • Background
    Final project for Anatomy for Accessories class as part of my AAS in Accessories Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. We were assigned to choose an athlete, real or imagined, and design a range of three performance athletic shoes and three equivalent limited edition, high-end lifestyle shoes based on three basic shoe silhouettes.

    My athlete of choice was footballer and One Direction member Louis Tomlinson. Born 24th December, 1991 in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Louis plays defense on the football pitch for the Doncaster Rovers and the local team he co-owns, Three Horseshoes FC.
  • Inspiration & Sketches
  • My design inspiration includes Louis' signature smiley face, featured on The Tommo and Take Me Home styles; Louis' tattoos, acquired while touring with One Diretion; and Louis' favourite colour, red, and a coordinating palette of warm colours.
  • Athletic Range
    Louis' performance range includes three football boot styles designed with his defense position in mind: The Tommo, a classic signature Oxford style; The Rogue, a boot style; and The 1991, a laceless slip-on style.
  • The Tommo, Louis' nickname and signature style, has (1) a black calf leather upper; (2) red leather smiley design; (3) slim sole; (4) LT logo; (5) almond-shaped cleats designed for firm ground; and (6) a cushioned midsole with padded heel support, apt for a defender.
  • The Rogue, named after Louis' high school band (which is also tattooed on his ankles), features (1) an orange calf leather upper; (2) monogram detail with a lightning bolt; (3) lightning bolt motif inspired by One Direction album art, printed on the leather; (4) slim sole; (5) a protective neoprene ankle cuff; (6) almond-shaped cleats designed for firm ground; (7) LT logo; and (8) a cushioned midsole with padded heel support.
  • The 1991, Louis' birth year, features (1) a red calf leather upper; (2) black leather laceless fastening and design feature; (3) red elasticized leather wedge for snug fit; (4) signature monogram (and 1D shout-out); (5) gold calf leather heel cap; (6) slim sole; (7) narrow blade cleats for better grip and stability; (8) LT logo; and (9) a cushioned midsole with added metatarsal arch support.
  • Lifestyle Range
    Louis' lifestyle range, designed with his job as a singer in mind, includes three limited edition, high-end lifestyle shoes that parallel the football boots above: Take Me Home, a laced sneaker; Midnight Memories, a high-top sneaker; and Up All Night, a slip-on skate-inspired shoe. All three lifestyle models are named after One Direction's three studio albums, and proceeds from their sales will go to Bluebell Wood Hospice, Louis' charity of choice.
  • Take Me Home has (1) a hand-brushed calf suede upper; (2) gold-laced organic cotton shoelaces; (3) gold thread embroidered smiley design; (4) vulcanized rubber outsole; (1A) ridged rubber outsole for traction on stage floors or venue parking lots; and (2A) the LT logo.
  • Midnight Memories features (1) a kangaroo leather upper; (2) gold airbrushed calf leather tongue; (3) organic cotton laces; (4) gold leaf lighting bolt motif printed on the leather; (5) vulcanized rubber outsole; (6) ridged rubber outsole apt for impromptu football practice; and (7) LT logo.
  • Up All Night features (1) a red kangaroo leather upper; (2) black elastic for snug fit; (3) gold stitching; (4) hand-brushed calf suede; (5) gold calf leather heel cap; (6) vulcanized rubber outsole; (7) ridged rubber outsole, perfect for stage floors or venue parking lots; and (8) LT logo.