Self-Bound & Printed Sketchbook ♥

  • Sketchbooks are special
    They reflect you and your life and are better than any picture or video to revisit a moment in time. However, regular (normal-priced) sketchbooks have one problem: they limit your creativity. Ever found yourself in the situation where you would love to pull out your watercolors or markers but your sketchbook paper is just normal-weight? I certainly did.
    The whole idea about this sketchbook is to have the option of using any kind of medium, any time. It has 3 different types of paper: drawing, watercolor and toned tan paper.
    Ideas Need to Simmer a While is a quote from typeface designer Matthew Carter, who gave a talk at our school last month. I created a woodcut and printed it on canvas. In order to avoid PVA soaking through the canvas, I glued a sheet of tissue paper with Heat 'n Bond on the back.