Grandma Knows Best

  • This past holiday season, my grandmother taught my cousins and I how to play blackjack. My grandmother and her friends meet a couple of times a week to play poker, blackjack or mahjong (depending on the night). She accompanied me to every bingo night in my elementary school, and I have heard countless stories of her days at the OTB. This piece is inspired by my gambling grandmother¬†and her pals around the kitchen table chain-smoking cigarettes.
  • LEFT: The senile Granny who forgot she's even at the table. She's not even sure who any of the other Grannies are.
    RIGHT: Upper East side Granny who moved out to the suburbs and is pissed. She also had to fold so she is especially pissed.
  • LEFT: LIbrarian Granny who was a flower child in the 1960's.
    RIGHT: Cruise ship Granny who is the avid gambler of the group, visor and all. She is especialy tan from her recent trip through The Carribean.