Mirror Mirror- School Project

  • Assignment: Create an room layout for an imaginary exhibition.
    Each student must take their own photographs on the topic of our choice.
    Everyone's ideas are always vastly different.
  • Topic: Utilize the anonymity and beauty of a mirror as it reflects New York.
    I had to walk around Manhattan asking strangers to hold up this mirror in front of their face and let me take a photo of them.
  • Assignment: Design type for your title.
  • The final room model is 26x16 inches, made out of foam core.
  • Our Professor also wanted us to add in models from Xoio Resources into the photos of the room using the lovely Photoshop.
  • We each had to generate multiple ideas for the invitation to the room after looking at some reference.
  • For my specific invitation, I made a template to size all the parts of the invite acccordingly so that when cut out, they'd match up correctly.
  • Assignment:
    Design banners for our exhibition.
    Idea Generation:
    6 different ideas for banners, each with 2-4 different color schemes and compositions
  • The final templates for the Invitation.