Shimogamo Tea House - Branding & Packaging Design

  • 下 鴨 茶 舗 
    S H I M O G A M O    T E A    H O U S E
    Shimogamo Tea House is a self-initiated branding project.

    Since I studied graphic design in New York, I had so little time to look at
    Japanese design closely until coming back to my hometown this summer.
    It was a great awakening for me to realize the depth of Japanese sense of beauty
    and it urged me to learn more about the design theory. This project is a challenge
    to integrate the traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern sense of beauty, and
    create a new value to the traditional design.

    Kyoto, the old capital city of Japan as well as my hometown, is known for
    its traditional culture remained in their daily life. Especially, green tea is
    one of the most symbolic food and drinking culture of the old city.