• Babyganics

    Babyganics makes home, laundry, and skincare products with baby-safe formulas. They recently refreshed their brand image with Collins, whom created a vast 2D world of Babyganics characters. At Madwell, we crafted and launched a digital campaign named Grow Boldly to bring the Babyganics world into tangible reality.
  • 01. The Process

    With the intention of paper construction in mind, each character was reimagined and modeled in Sketch Up in a low poly style. Patterns were created with the Flattery plug-in and laser cut onto Folia card stock paper.
  • 02. Hero Images

    We worked with Andrea Fremiotti and John van Barneveld to photograph and composite the final models into a series of hero images that are currently being used on the Babyganics homepage, banner ads and trade shows.
  • 03. Behind-The-Scenes

    We rented a space at Home Studios for the hero image photoshoot. One of the baby models thought our paper strawberries were real and tried to eat them! The saliva-drenched aftermath was sadly unsalvageable.
  • 04. Paper Asset Library

    To expand the Grow Boldly campaign beyond hero images and banner ads, we created a paper asset library by photographing and silhouetting each model in three different views. The assets are now used in social media content, product promotions, and in-store pop-up displays at Babies R Us.
  • Acknowledgements

    Creative Agency: Madwell
    Brand Agency: Collins
    Creative Director: Chris Sojka
    Art Director: Matt Fry
    3D Modelers: Annie Zeng, Lenora Rigoni
    Photographer: Andrea Fremiotti
    Photo Compositor: John van Barneveld
    Paper Crafters: Annie Zeng, Lenora Rigoni, Matt Fry, Olena Subchuk
    Paper Retouchers: Annie Zeng, Lenora Rigoni, Olena Subchuk, Jacob Smiley