• Strategy:
    The campaign focuses on the advantage of low price high end fashion that H&M sells. Often fashion ads are concentrated on the fantasy. Which for most maybe unattainable, but not for H&M shoppers. So reality is better than fantasy. 
  • Posters
  • Print Ads
  • Copy Reads:
    I am a Park Ave diva. Beyonce herself asks where I find time in my day to be this succesful and look this fierce. Whether I am taking a client to dinner or a presentation to the board I throw more flames then Katniss Everdeen. When I wear a pencil skirt, I make it snap. I’m as sharp as my heels are pointed. When you look up dressed for success you will see me.
  • Copy Reads: 
    I am a snow queen. Don’t confuse my earrings for icicles. When I walk it looks as if my mink coat dances around me. But by nature my dress clings tightly like jealous lover. Although my heels keep my floating above the snow, I only show up by limo. I maybe a snow queen but my fashion will make you melt.
  • Copy Reads:
    I am the Queen Bee. Everyone buzzes about what I’m wearing. I rock it out in my heels at only the most exclusive parties. There is no such thing as too many accessories, as they make the woman. So I never run out without a few rings or clutch purse. And the only walk of shame, is for those walking next to me.
  • Social Media
  • To not only make a statement, but to also prove that they can be a reality for people, they unveil the largest red carpet. Allowing people to see models walk the carpet and get their own chance would be a wonderful social media/outdoor piece.