• Melting Ice
    Done with watercolors and put together digitally.

  • Figs and Wasps
    Inspired by the mutualism between wasps and figs. They need each other to exist. Turns out there are pairs of mutualism in nature. 

  • Tortoise and the car
    Vehicles that go off the road in the desert would accidentally run over these gentle beings.

  • Spring Feast
    Cicadas, robins and pussy willows.​​​​​​​

  • Meat & Cans
    Made with Lino cut, inspired by Émile Zola novel The Belly of Paris. Mentored by Janice Poon, the artist who created the amazing food in TV series - Hannibal.

  • In the Deep
    Collaboration with Rachelle Hall. Used color pencil.
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