• Terra
    Terra is an all-natural, chemical-free men's care line.
    Terra uses organic ingredients from around the globe. Terra is Earth.

    TERRA can defined as “land or territory." I wanted each product to represent a different "terrority” around the world. I chose mountain (Swiss Alps), sea (Dead Sea), and the woods (Redwoods in California). 

    As an avid theater fan, I incorporated musical theater references and lyrics into each product. "By the Sea" (Sweeney Todd), Into the Woods, and "Climb Every Mountain" (The Sound of Music).   

    As an all-organic product line, I explored environmental colors combined with a strong use of photography. I explored different sights around the world and chose the Dead Sea (Israel), Redwood National Park (California), and
    the Swiss Alps.

    Without the sun, Terra would not exist. I revolved my logo design around this and used a rough, handwritten typeface for an earthy tone.