Fuel Up For Battle: Call of Duty

    Firstborn designed and built a multiplatform digital hub that served as the repository for over one billion unique product codes for Mountain Dew’s biggest promotion of the year. Gamers that drank Dew and ate Doritos earned codes to unlock double experience points (2XP) while in Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies mode—allowing them to access in-game features faster than ever before. As users entered codes and unlocked 2XP, they were also treated to an exclusive cinematic experience from the Call of Duty Zombies universe. Firstborn created unique vivid video content exploring the world of seminal Zombies mode characters.
    Integrated facial recognition technology took user webcam photos and seamlessly placed them into scenes from the world of Call of Duty—weaving users into the Zombies’ back story and delivering a personalized, shareable media experience. The more codes users entered the more scenes they unlocked—ultimately creating a symbiotic interplay of content and functionality.

    Produced at Firstborn.
    Creative direction__Jonathan Kim
    Design__Jonathan Kim, Rachael Park
    Compositing__Bruno Ferrari 
    Animation__Michael Kuzmich, Bruno Ferrari, Rachael Park, Erica Hu, Yun Chen
    3D Design__Ron White, Yun Chen, Jay Harwood
    3D Character Animation__Mike Bourbeau
    Copy__Sam Isenstein

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    _Card Design for 'Magician'
    _Abandoned Title card.
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