• * Final Artwork
  • Concept art for Tweet

    Tweet had a simple purpose,
    To be used for a company to announce it's new twitter account by making use of  their main color fuchsia, the main character was based around basic shapes and bright colors.

    Soft, round lines suggest an approachable, cute character, communicating its personality.
    Disrupting the clean blue and white colors from the twitter universe, with the company’s main color triggers the main focus. Defining features, like the triangles ,helped the character appear more appealing compared to its companions by identifying and applying the companies qualities and personality into the main character. 

    Working it out from different angles was still extremely necessary. Specially after sketching and transforming it from 2D to a 3D version.
    Even though it’s an imaginary persona acting for a purpose, we intended to use physical based shaders and photography techniques, like depth of field, to capture this creature in its natural habitat.


  • * Materials used in the process
  • Backstory 
    Tweet was created based on the well-known blue bird, twitter.
    Used for a company to announce it's new twitter account, Tweet was colored and shaped slightly different from the secondary birds (twitter blue) but with the same body structure and single legged.
    It’s feathers are shaped like triangles and his main color is pink, based on the company's identity.
    A friendly looking face, inviting people to their social network by playing with the company’s slogan:
    “Blue has a new color”.
  • * Tweet concept
  • Character Features
    Easy shapes 
    Flexible design and environment 
    Secondary characters  
    Strong colors 
    Wood textures 
    Physical communication
  • * Basic shading
  • * Applying Texture
  • * Applying background

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