Draping 3

  • Wrap peg skirt
  • Sleeveless cowl neck
  • Basic pant
  • Underarm cowl: muslin and fabric sample
  • Dolman tunic with a tie belt
  • Wide leg pants: muslin and fabric
  • Bias wrap gown
  • Final Term Garment:
    Jumpsuit with a unitard underpinning. 
    Deconstructing the past to reinvent the present notions of femininity,
        "Modern Femininity"
    Capturing the zeitgeist of New York in the 1970's I realized even still clothing signals social impressions, it sets standards for gender whether too girly or too masculine for a woman to dress. So I asked myself what role does dress play?
    “We have the power to construct and wear items that represent our personalities and feelings.”
    To capture differ personalities and feelings, I wanted to create a fabric to be used throughout the group collection. Merging layers of black, white, and red paint mimic the layers of sheer over solid fabrics used in our garments. Each person is multidimensional and their garments should reflect it.