Otros Aires Restaurant

  • Welcome to Otros Aires, 
    A Contemporary Spanish venue offering modern takes on classics and sleek digs on Tapas.
    This Restaurant caters to local NYC dwellers.  You will find frequent customers who are College Students, local artists and musicians and Tango Dancers in the neighborhood.
    The Menu consists of various tapas that are cured and aged to perfection, like jamon iberico and jamon serrano, crispy Queso Manchego, salty Boqueron, cured Spanish olives, aged Spanish wines and numerous beer brewing in oakcask.  All Aged to perfection with passion and nostalgia - just like Argentine Tango.
    The Interior Design Inspiration for Otros Aires came from argentine Tango Physicalities:
    Contra Body (Dissociation) of the legs against the torso, Circular movements and Leaning of Dancers towards each other when they are in close embrace.
    Color Palette/Material inspiration was borrowed from drawings of Nicholas Wadley.  They are simple but really fun.  I chose very crispy white canvas with added hints of red, black and fishnet stocking texture.  It is just like tango - simple and fun but intoxicating.
    The Facade are dancing in contra body dissociation with each other - facing and mirroring each other, in an almost circular, but a little bit off tangent, at a slight angle - there is a connection between the two sculptural fences that form the facade.  
    As a customer walks in, they are lead to walk in a diagonally circular path towards the bar.  The bar itself is hugged by the overture that caresses and embraces the table as the customer requests for wine.  It's a little bit like the close embrace.
    As they walk further into the restaurant are tables intended for people who came only by themselves, but there are two seats - so they can be joined by a stranger or invite a company of opposite sex or same sex - just like in a milonga (tango dance floor).
    This private lounge seating is special - it possess the feeling of a person dancing tango.  There is so much emotion involved when you are in this space - it is like being intoxicated, but without alcohol.  I remember one of my friend told me that she drank so much one day that she felt like the walls are following her - well this is what it feels like to be in this private lounge.  The walls that are slanted in circular movement, just like in argentine tango.  This movement is accentuated by the fishnet pattern on the wall - it feels off, it’s a little bit confusing but fun, it’s like being in love - you feel drunk and intoxicated.  The walls may be following you.
    In the Bathroom are the hand washing basin, but the full length mirror is placed in a way that as you wash your hand, you twist to look at yourself - putting you in a dissociation contra-body position.  This position creates an energy - like a twisted rubber-band.  If you tango, it may lead to a passionate gancho.
    As you move to the basement, you are greeted by aged wine that are stored, again in fishnet forming wine rack.  One the ceiling is a wild passionately dancing lighting fixture that emits ambient light.
    As you take the elevator to the roof are more Outdoor Seatings, where milonga takes place live musicians playing music for a small private group of special guests.
    Furniture chosen resembles argentine tango movements with circular movements, leaning motions and twisting itself in contra-body position.
    Otros Aires is tango.
    So, not all movements are tango - tango is like an old aged wine.
    It is delicious, highly emotional, intoxicating, addicting and very personal.
    It’s like not all food is the same -
    It’s like not all sex is the same -
    It’s like not all interior design is space planning -
    not all movements are tango.
    Welcome to Otros Aires, where people meet to connect and experience Argentine tango.
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