Baby Mel's Black Magic Lager

    ~ Baby Mel's Black Magic Lager ~
    A quirky line of small batch lagers, created to catch the attention of millennials. 
    Create an alcoholic beverage that targets millennials. There should be a quirky element to the concept/design. 
    I got to work after establishing two concepts; The idea of a lovingly crafted, small batch lager, and the name “Baby Mel’s”. I decided that quirkiness and an approachable brand identity could be conveyed through employing a warm color palette, as well as hand made illustrative and typographic elements.
    I pulled additional imagery influences from retro labels, as well as punk art elements. The idea was to create something cool and exclusive, but in a more juvenile sense. Think when you’re a teenager and you find out about an amazing band that is just getting big and only you know about. Millennials value experience over possesion, so creating something with this kind of exclusivity and cool edge felt appropriate.
    My favorite part of the project was creating the Baby Mel illustration on the primary display pannel. To create the illustration, I used micron pen, photoshop, and illustrator.
    Brand Attributes:
    Quirky, Bold, Approachable, Quality.