Witches Brew Bone Yard Biscuits

    Witches Brew Bone Yard Biscuits
    A line of biscuits for the edgy consumer, to accompany tea or coffee. 
    Create a food product that is encased in some sort of bag or pouch. The snack must also be seasonal, and compliment a holiday or cultural celebration. 
    From the start I knew I wanted to create a treat to be sold in the fall, around Halloween. Many treats sold around the holiday are accompanied by juvenile, sometimes gaudy packaging. For this snack, I wanted whatever I was creating to go in the opposite direction and create a premium feel. To make for an avante-garde, textured silouette, I established that I wanted the pack to be completely clear, except for the label. The label, who’s shape mimicks the silouette of a tombstone, would not entirely cover the front or back of pack. After pack construction was figured out, I got to work more on the concept; A line of edgy tea biscuits, with a label heavily influence by old apothecary bottle designs.
    My favorite part of the project was figuring outhow to create the see through paper-bag inspired packs that the biscuits would be contained in. After experimenting with acetates and other papers, I decided that the best solution to my problem was to use .003 clear film cut at 9x12in a piece with clear tape. 
    Edgy, Avante-garde, Premium.