Editorial MA dissertation

  • Alternative Realities of Ludwik Sztyrmer. The Forgotten Writer in Distorting Mirror (editorial MA dissertation - project and editing)

    My MA dissertation is an attempt to encourage the reader to meet with a 19th century's forgotten author and also to think about the undiscovered misteries of Romanticism that have not been revealed yet - about the issues which turned out to have tremendous impact on shaping psychology as a field of science. In order to arrange the deliberations, the work has been divided into the thematic chapters (pradoxes) in which individual Sztyrmer's literal paradoxes have been pointed out. Asking questions have been chosen not only to understand the work but also to understand the creation process that can be clearly outlined and seen in it. Eventually, the work is a look from the flight of a bird on a map showing different words, different personalities,different tongues.
  • Two books - on the left (in brown binding, stylized on a diary) is the book with illustration and editing of Ludwik Sztyrmer's text, on the right is the book with my text about this writer and other information.
  • A few photos of the first book (cover and inside):
  • A few photos of the second book (cover and inside). Binding is hard and made from brown linen. Paper from inside is ecru and an imitation of paper like in old diaries. I destroyed the book by my own hands.
  • Title page (with my illustration of gargoyle):
  • I used a script font to capture a character of lunatic men's handwriting.
  • The illustration of the devil (edited by me) is taken from Peterbsurg edition's first part of the book Frenofagiusz i Frenolesty (1843). My MA dissertation concerned the second part entitled Wariat.
  • I left blank the end of the book.
  • THANK YOU for watching :)