Stationary Design for NataShoes


    Every great concept lands in the hands of our craftsmen, resulting in unique, comfortable, high quality and fashionable pieces. 

    The starting point was the brand, which became famous through online and warehouse sales. A large group of satisfied customers was enough to give the owner the need to represent his brand in a more fashionable manner. 

    First, we received the already created logotype and a very precise description of the target group to which the product was to be addressed - young, fashionable and reliable women. 
    The rest of the brand’s structure was yet to be created, leaving us a hint on how to approach it.

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    The main pattern was based on the products stitching lines. Since Nata launches different shoe styles every season, the pattern can change according to it’s needs, leaving the brand flexible to changes. It also works well on supporting the simple type based logo.


  • Nata delivers a clean, simple look by merging and protecting the contents colors and shapes by using it as a background for it’s typographic and pattern like shapes.



    Natashoes is dedicated to it’s customers, personalizing each piece in a sophisticated, clean way, so the product can stand out the most through it’s individually strong colors. From packaging up to it’s stationary and social media. 


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