Gilded Rooster

  • Check out my piece in Light Grey Art Lab’s latest show, Fortune! 
    “Roosters tend to be seen as luck in many cultures, from the Rooster of Barcelona to the Chinese zodiac my favorite story is of the ‘Rooster Pitchers’ of Italy – if you go you might see really strange pitchers and ceramics like rooster heads. The story is one night a rival family sent a group of assassins to go into Medici house at night and kill the head of the family. When the assassins entered the yard, the roosters started making noise which alerted the family and guards. In honor of the roosters, artisans were commissions to create replicas of the roosters to be used as wine pitchers to celebrate and then started the tradition of giving these pitchers to friends and families for good luck and protection against danger.”

    Prints are done on black paper in metallic rose gold.