Ink series

  • Ink Series (September 2016- June 2017):
    This series is inspired by recent events and the political climate of late 2016. It was an experiment in ink, graphics, and composition. Using brown craft paper, ink, and white charcoal I created several different compositions.
  • Fading Away:
    Inspired by the recent news that the ivory trade in Africa is rising. The endangered animals around the world are slowly fading out of existence and we may lose many of them with in the coming years. The tigers ad elephants represent the endangered animals and their need to compete to survive. I chose to fade the animals away to represent the losing of the species and the eventually extinction of all the animals on planet earth. It is up to us to save the animals of this world including us.
  • Hide Behind the Mask:
    Playing with the idea of the masks we wear as people.I played with a wide pen nib to create the line structure of the masks and used it to create the shading and texture of the masks.
  • Fallout:
    This piece was inspired by news paper clippings the 2016 election. In a year that was full of chaos and decision making who knew what could happen in the end. Many people ended up with more questions than answers and their hopes and dreams crushed from what may be impending on us.