Global Hope For Syria Campaign

    Global Hope for Syria

    What if tomorrow wasn't their last? What if we could make it the first of many?

    Broken, torn, yet desperate to continue on Syrian refugees have come a long way from home in search of sanctuary. Currently over 4.8 million refugees reside in neighboring countries such as Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, and the masses continue to drift outward.

    Global Hope for Syria is a campaign concept aiming to create the opportunity for Syrian refugees to assimilate back into daily life. Funds collected from the campaign will be used to provide refugees with food, water, provisions, shelter, medical treatment, education, and counseling — raw necessities which have far too long been denied to them. The campaign further aims to educate the public on the refugee crisis as well.

    Inspired by their native language, a selection of Arabic phrases were implemented throughout the designs. This aspect was integrated to display both the refined beauty of calligraphy and the notion of protecting a culture of value. The type was then paired with haunting visuals of young Syrian refugees. Utilizing the method of digital collaging two portraits were created to represent post-traumatic stress disorder which a vast majority of the civilians are battling with. Textures seen throughout the hostile streets of Syria of rubble, deteriorated buildings, and smoke were combined to visualize the realities and aftermath of war. Help us light the way and make change for the future.

  • Invitations to the public discussion panel taking place at the New York Public Library.
  • A gatefold brochure dedicated to informing the public on the current situation in Syria focused on 5 categories – 
    housing, education, medical aid, food, and therapy.

  • Previews of an infographic video.