• VDA
    Web Design
  • VDA, formerly Van Deusen Associates, a vertical transportation consultancy with headquarters in New Jersey, offers comprehensive design and engineering services for elevators and various other types of lift systems.

    The goal was to redesign their existing website to better reflect and speak to the innovative, modernized client base they serve, in particular, architectural firms, and draw focus to the experience and expertise of their team.

    The primary area of the website is a portfolio of their projects, represented through clear, bold photos in carousels. To highlight their growing international clientele, a map toggle places the projects in a global context. To focus on their biggest assets – their expert team members – each project is tied to one or more of the staff members, and leads to a robust biography with their professional history. The persistent band on the left side features an expandable and revolving set of “easter egg” images, drawing the viewer’s interest and curiosity.

    Partner in charge: Maya Kopytman, C&G Partners
    Lead designer: Hyun Auh, C&G Partners
    Developer: Tim Murtaugh