SVA SPRING SHOW—Exhibition Design

  • Project — SVA SPRING SHOW Exhibition Design & Motion Graphics
    Client — School of Visual Arts (SVA)

    Designers of our age is constantly redefining our role as problem solvers through embracing multi-disciplinary approaches.The concept for the Spring Show is based on the idea that SVA students are undefined like variables in a mathematical equation. The equation itself is absurd for its existence and us being the variables mean that we are unpredictable, unbranded and unbounded, with limitless possibilities. The equation formula is shown through the entire identity system.

    Concept & Design—Jaenam Yoo, Sanuk Lemon Kim
    Motion Styleframes & Direction—Jaenam Yoo, Sanuk Lemon Kim
    Animation & Motion Design—Luke Guyer
    3D Art—Jaenam Yoo, Sanuk Lemon Kim
    Exhibition Design & Signage—Jaenam Yoo, Sanuk Lemon Kim
    Instructor—Ori Kleiner