NFLxFIT Exhibition/Reception Visual Design

  • The NFLxFIT Visual System Design Contest provided a unique and exciting educational opportunity. Through an experiential learning process, student participants learned from top industry professionals, including Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) faculty members from the School of Art and Design and brand management experts from the the National Football League (NFL). 

    This event visual system was designed for the NFLxFIT exhibition and award ceremony. The primary mark, "shield x dot," was inspired by the logos of the two collaborating brands, and the grey pattern consists of iconic shapes extracted from all 32 NFL team logos. The core design concept is to create a sophisticated unification of the identity from all organizations involved through a symphony of shapes. This system was applied to all collaterals from invitation to digital signage.

    Design Firm: Cynda Media Lab LLC.
    Photo: Evan Agostini