• Class: Capturing Creativity, Fall 2014
    Prompt: Write down 12 random words, give those words to another person to cross out 6. With the remaining words, create anything!
    Words: Dress, Food, Coffee, Work, Math, F***

    Everything done by Virginia deGuzman
    Lighting done by Maria Aristidi

    Person in class: “Can we use profanity!?”
    Professor: “I never censor anything, so go ahead.”

    I did not want to be limited to a 2D page, so I decided to create a 3D piece. Being a part of FIT made me realize that fashion is in the air. Let’s start with the obvious, the (1) dress is made from (2) coffee filters and Trader Joe's bags (there is (3) food at Trader Joe's). I tried to make the dress (4) ‘work’ attire, and (5) math was used to create the structure. I had no idea how to incorporate the last word, so the model is flipping off the camera.

    This was shot in a spare room of a pre-war NYC apartment. Lighting was accomplished though desk lamps, tin foil, and foam. The backdrop was accomplished though tape and a well steamed bed sheet.

    Below are shots that did not make the cut.