• Center for Fiction is heralded as the only nonprofit organization devoted to the genre of fiction in the U.S. Drawing readers and writers out to enjoy the casual company of books the establishment serves as a hub of activity. The organization offers writers a studio to bring their stories to life page by page, a store to sell copies of these fantastical creations, a library for those who wish to discover new findings, and an event space for readers to meet the authors of their favorite tales.

    In celebration of their upcoming relocation to the Brooklyn Cultural Center I have reimagined the establishment from title to brand identity. Wundermärchen represents the idea of bringing stories to life. Long ago, since the days of cave painting folklore has been an integral part of human culture. Fabricated from figments of imagination based on distorted subjects of reality, fiction is a combination of both psyches. Photorealistic images and freehanded shapes were utilized to shed light upon this integral connection between fact and fiction.