Impactful Language campaign called awareness to the way language can marginalize and harm particular groups. Strong communities can only thrive when there is mutual respect among all members. Speech that denigrates an individual’s race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, or ability status undermines FIT’s mission to create a supportive, diverse and inclusive community.

    This campaign was inspired by Duke University's "I don't say" campaign and sponsored by FIT’s Diversity Council Grant. To elevate the concept started at Duke to the next level, FIT's two-parts campaign was a call to not only Turn Off Offensive Language, but also urging people to Speak Up Uplifting Language. In total, 40 large scale posters were created and over 200 faculty and students participated in the creative process. It was truly a community effort. This exhibition was one of the most impactful public display at FIT in recent years.

    HOW International Design Award
    Poster House Museum Permanent Collection

    Christie Shin, Creative Director & Designer
    Caroline Harvey, Designer & Editor
    Curtis Willocks, Director of Photography & Print Production
    C.J. Yeh, Exhibition & Digital Media Consultant

    Dana Rugg, Designer & Social Media Coordinator
    Silvana Fazzalari, Photoshoot Coordinator
    Photographers: Amy Micco, Erica Mule, Hanna Pavloa, Natasha Shaprio, Sage McAvoy
    Videographers: Kenyon Parks, Kevin Ruano