FITxPentagram: Unleashed Imagination

  • The goal of this project is to explore innovative ways to communicate FIT's new brand message through the use of time-based media. The core concept of the animation series showcased on this page, Unleashed Imagination, is to demonstrate how creativity and imagination can lead to numerous design possibilities even using just a circle.
  • Designer/Animator: Desiree Mohammadi
  • FITxPentagram Creative Team

    Advisors/Design Directors:
    C.J. Yeh 
    Professor, Creative Technology & Design at FIT
    Founder/Creative Director Cynda Media Lab
    Christie Shin
    Assistant Professor, Creative Technology & Design at FIT
    Partner/Design Director Cynda Media Lab

    Student Designers:
    Melissa De Olivera, Advertising Design, Senior
    Desiree Mohammadi, Graphic Design, Senior
    Yewon Shin, Advertising Design, Junior
    Loisse Ledres, Advertising Design, Junior
    Lawrence Staebler, Advertising Design, Junior
    Kelly Wang, Advertising Design, Junior
  • Designer/Animator: Desiree Mohammadi
  • Designer/Animator: Desiree Mohammadi