Platonic Realms

  • Platonic Realms:
    3d Paper crafted polyhedra with shapes lasered cut into it representing its vertices and elements. Each polyhedral represents the shape of a natural element described to it by Plato. The Tetrahedron, has fire as its element with 4 vertices and 3 triangles that meet at each vertex. The Hexahedron, has Earth as its element with 8 vertices and 3 squares that meet at each vertex.The Octahedron, has Air as its element with 6 vertices and 4 triangles that meet at each vertex. The Dodecahedron, has spirit as its element with 20 vertices and 3 pentagons that meet at each vertex. The Icosahedron, has water as its element with 12 vertices and 5 triangles that meet at each vertex.