Spaulding and Rogers Tribute: Beware Yellow Peril

  • Tattoo flash painting and stages of the process. Tribute painting of a Spaulding and Rogers inspired backpiece. Liquid acrylic and India Ink on 13x20.5 cold press watercolor paper.
  • Darwin "Huck" Spaulding and Franklin Paul Rogers were early American tattoo artists that had a profound impact on the history of tattooing. The partnership of the aforementioned men created one of the most famous and respected tattoo supply companies in the world, Spaulding & Rogers.

    According to tattoo artist and archivist Don Lucas, in Rogers' autobiography, Franklin Paul Rogers: The Father of American Tattooing,

    “Without Paul’s willingness to share his knowledge and talent for building the world’s best tattoo machines, the hard learned secrets of the past masters would have been lost in time.”
  • Process
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