The New Victory Theater Rebrand

  • Overview
    The New Victory Theater is a children’s theater in Manhattan. They currently do not have a consistent brand identity, so I created branding, posters and copy for the theater.

    Artist Statement
    The New Victory Theater is a children’s theater near Times Square. Its brand is not consistent and their website is not very child friendly. I wanted to create a style that would be welcoming to children and whimsical to adults to make them remember their childhood. I used bright colors, a youthful typeface, and distinctive designs modeled after three classic childhood stories.

    I started by looking at my expectations for what a children’s theater was and thought of the stories I learned growing up. I then researched the theater to see how it compared with my expectations. I decided on a child friendly theme and decided after several iterations on a logo that was whimsical and fun. I created posters and symbol sets based on famous childhood stories, with copy that would cause adults to remember their childhood. Everything was designed to have a cohesive message of fun for children and parents.