Food Shop

  • Food Shop looks to eliminate plastic packaging of food in supermarkets through easy and simple sustainable swaps of material, with a heavy design focus on reduction, restraint and coherence​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 01 Food to Packaging solution system
    The flowchart sets out how each supermarket product should be packaged and printed. Think of a grocery item then filter down the chart for an appropriate packaging solution.

  • 02 Packaging solution examples
    Below are example items for each packaging solution type.

  • 03 Information Labelling
    Each print method [coloured] has to accomodate the required information on the back of each food product.

  • 04 Information Labelling Sizing
    04.01    Diagram of how directly printed-on products are sized.
                 Egg packaging is used as the example here.
    04.02    Diagram of how wrap sticker products are sized.
    05 Labelling Variation
    When products have similar qualities or multiple variations, they need to be distinguishable from each other.
    Full Collection
    Below is a view of many essential grocery items and how they all coexist next to eachother.

  • Selected package designs
    Where the contents of a product were completely covered with its packaging, I wanted to capture the essence of the inside through simple use of pattern.
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