• Playground of My Mind is a graphic reminiscence of the modernist playgrounds of
    New York City, and their influence on my aesthetics and thinking. The original paintings
    on paper were exhibited in 2017 at the Wellin Museum, who also published the
    memoir. These playgrounds, of rational and Utopian ideals, were constructed in the
    tumultuous setting of 1960s and 70s New York; a chaotic atmosphere but one which
    was open to new ideas in architecture and play. Focus is placed on the playgrounds
    that I interacted with most: Richard Dattner’s seminal Adventure Playground in Central
    Park, an M. Paul Friedberg playground (now destroyed) that was situated in the city
    housing I grew up in, and Discovery Play Park, which my father collaborated on,
    also located in Central Park. The book makes an argument for the reconsideration of
    “Brutalist” architecture (here in it’s most playful and sculptural form), and affinities with
    the dutch playgrounds of Aldo van Eyck are delineated. When we play in and around
    great design, does it teach us?”