• I am pleasantly consumed with the socio-cultural aspects of architecture in our
    landscapes and cityscapes and believe that meaningful architectural experiences
    enrich our lives and further our civilization. As an avid lover of modernism, social
    change, and conversations that work to move the world in positive directions, I was
    naturally drawn to the NYC World’s Fair site in Queens when I moved to Astoria to
    teach at FIT.
    Jubilee Bracelet is part of the Utopia Jewelry Collection, a series of accessory-scaled
    re-interpretations of World’s Fair spaces. These works are wearable volumes inspired
    by the forward-thinking, futuristic spirit of the New York World‘s Fairs of 1939–40
    and 1964–65. The Utopia Collection features three bracelet designs: Jubilee
    Bracelet, Highways and Horizons Bracelet, and Sky Streak Cuff. Made of the sleek
    architectural material Corian, the portable utopias are eco-friendly–created locally
    of cast-off material (leftover scraps that would have been trash).
    Jubilee Bracelet is an orb of convivial festivity formally inspired by the architecture
    of the Johnson Wax Rondelle Pavilion of 1964 and named after the American Jubilee
    Chorus Girls from 1939. The utopian bracelet offers another way, in our tumultuous
    times, to inhabit the positive essence of an architectural space. In fact, with this
    volumetric accessory, it’s possible to put on a jubilee–even without a guest list.
    In our charged era of dissenting political opinions, racial violence, and world conflict,
    the designs clad contemporary bodies in a much-needed optimism.