• In both my professional work and in my personal projects, architecture plays a major
    role in my images. Shooting architectural photos of interiors, exteriors, construction
    sites and installations are the main concentration of my professional work. In my
    personal work, abandoned locations and natural landscapes are two of my favorite
    things to photograph. In my travel photography, I also love to capture the stunning
    beauty of the architecture in new places I visit.
    Capturing images with beautiful natural lighting and perfect composition is my goal.
    The way I create all my images takes a lot of research and planning. The angles and
    perspective are studied very carefully to create the most artistically pleasing results.
    Attention to composition, color, and contrast plays a big part in my images.
    My works in the Picturing Space exhibit are an example of my love for architectural
    photography. The image titled Caged is part of my Above and Beyond series and
    is a tribute to NYC architectural design. Via 57 West is the building featured. I
    hoped to capture it in its amazing style and glory and also bring the new West
    Side architecture to life in my image. The image titled Hunt’s Viewpoint is just one
    of thousands of photographs for a photoshoot for a construction company. This
    image shows the new Hunt’s Point Market in a new perspective. A 1,000 foot saw
    tooth loading dock with canopy structure and new track is what is depicted in the
    photograph. Capturing the excitement of this new structure was the goal of this
    photography project.