• Terraforming Mars : 3D Printing our Future is a educational exhibit informing people
    of NASA’s mission to colonize Mars. This exhibit revolves around the winner of
    NASA’s Centennial competition, a contest NASA held over the course of a few years
    to encourage design and architecture firms to envision what a 3d printed habitat
    on mars could look like. The winner, AI Spacefactory envisioned a structure printed
    entirely from materials on Mars that can withstand Mars’s harsh environments and
    provide a comfortable home to the future colony. This exhibit educates visitors on
    the transportation, robotics, and habitat construction aspects that will work together
    to build the first settlements on the red planet. The design for the habitat focuses on
    sustainability and reusability in a attempt to create a space that does not interrupt or
    disturb the Martian environment, but instead can be built and torn down easily without
    leaving a human footprint. AI Spacefactory is now in the process of building their
    design to full scale here on earth using compostable materials designed for longterm,
    sustainable life on Mars. The habitats will be available to be rented on a nightly basis
    so visitors can experience the design as well as bring awareness to AI Spacefactory’s
    mission to eliminate the building industry’s massive waste of un-recyclable materials
    and transform the way we build on Earth and beyond.