• FINE ART FIT Students
    Students were prompted to find the existence of grids in the world around them—
    the most obvious location being the architecture of the city. They created their own
    photo archive, and then printed out several images as possible source material for
    painting. Methods of enlarging those images and also how cropping could improve the
    composition of the image were discussed. The goals of the first painting in the duo,
    The Grid Observed, were to represent 1) the grid as an important element of visual
    organization in the composition, 2) an image where there was a strong sense of light,
    3) a compelling composition was utilized. In the second painting, The Grid Abstracted,
    the students were prompted to take elements (shapes, line, structure, color) from the
    first painting, and “play” with those elements to make a painting that slide farther
    down the scale towards abstraction.