• Illustration based on a love poem "The Trick" by Imtiaz Dharker. Created for Folio Society Competition  

    THE TRICK by Imtiaz Dharker
    In a wasted time, it’s only when I sleep
    that all my senses come awake. In the wake
    of you, let day not break. Let me keep
    the scent, the weight, the bright of you, take
    the countless hours and count them all night through
    till that time comes when you come to the door
    of dreams, carrying oranges that cast a glow
    up into your face. Greedy for more
    than the gift of seeing you, I lean in to taste
    the colour, kiss it off your offered mouth.
    For this, for this, I fall asleep in haste,
    willing to fall for the trick that tells the truth
    that even your shade makes darkest absence bright,
    that shadows live wherever there is light.