Royal Blend Tea | Packaging, Identity, Illustration

  • Brand Identity and Packaging Design for Royal Blend International Teas (Chinese and English)
    Objective: To create a distinctive identity and packaging for the generic-sounding name, Royal Blend, a line of international teas to be sold in upscale supermarkets and gourmet specialty stores. The branding and packaging concept must be extendable to any country's varietals.
    Character Illustrations: I hand-drew the character and background illustrations, scanned them, and 'painted' them in PhotoShop using a Wacom pen.
    Hand Illustrations, Design & Copywriting | Alane Marco
  • Final Concept: Each varietal's package features a fictional historic character and an anecdote about the character's undying devotion to Royal Blend tea. New characters encourage shoppers to buy each new varietal as the line extends.
  • Logo lock-up. The clean, Art Deco-style logo draws from Chinese cartouches and British signet rings, and suggests the tea company's long history.
  • Double-fronted boxes have twice the shelf impact.
  • Battle of the Moustaches. I cropped the characters mid-face to emphasize their amusing moustaches. The consumer imagines the rest. Color palettes and background patterns are drawn from traditional fabrics.
  • Side panels tell why Royal Blend tea never goes out of style.
  • Chinese packaging. 
  • British packaging.
  • Shelf appeal. The striking cropped character drawings grab consumers' attention, fire their imaginations and create brand engagement.
  • Package die-cut.
  • Development Process
  • Early concept and logo development: Chinese and British-style palaces, tea cups, and traditional fabrics. All three elements are used in the final design.
  • Character development.